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How to value people you don’t like

When you’re a member of the New Zealand Surf Lifesaving national team, you talk about values.

A lot.

Concepts like accountability, honesty, integrity and heart are toyed with, dissected and discussed.

Why they’re important. How they can make both yourself and the team more effective.

And what they mean to you.

If I’m honest, I hadn’t given much thought to values until I was a part of that team. Now they’re ideas I take beyond the sports field.

I’ve previously penned a post about living “No-Judgy-Judgy”.

I try to live a no-judgy-judgy life, but what happens after the tinsel is taken down and a persons true self is revealed?

Treat them like fruit.

There’s no way I’m going to enjoy the company of every human I meet. At some point I’m going to grate against those who have different viewpoints, values and lifestyles. Those same people will most likely have unsatisfactory opinions of me- that’s life.

And reality?- Collaborating, conversing and cooperating with a variety of people is quintessential to success.

Every person on this planet, every human that zips in and out of your space, has incredible attributes. Issues arise when we can’t appreciate the greatness in others. We’re blinded to these points because they are expressed in viewpoints, decisions and characteristics which do not align with our own.

Fruit are like people, they vary.

I love apples. I’m partial to cherries. I can’t stand grapefruit.

Although I have my opinions of each, I know they’re full of good stuff. Vitamins, antioxidants, fiber. Despite their differences, I can appreciate that they are are filled with greatness and others enjoy them.

These fruits will crop up in areas of life, added to salads or mixed in to lunches. Sometimes we can’t avoid fruit we don’t like, they’re forced in to our environment through friends, family and occupation. When I meet someone I don’t gel with, I try to treat them like a grapefruit. I don’t have to like them, but I can appreciate the goodness they have inside.

*Sometimes in life we may encounter fruit that are just rotten… beware, spending too much time round those types will turn even the greenest Granny Smith black.

Life mantra #1 No Judgy Judgy

Life mantra #2 Treat people like fruit

Life mantra #3 TBC…

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