Travel FOMO: Learning to Love Your Local  

I feel like I’m losing the game of life lately…

My timeline isn’t saturated with beach pics and yoga poses.

I don’t have a selfie with a crew of locals in Indonesia.

I’m not jumping for a snap in front of an Icelandic waterfall, nor am I proudly smiling atop a snow flecked mountain.

If you’re anything like me, anchored with commitments (I recently landed my first ever full time job, “lightly pats my own back”) and goals which tether you to a domestic existence, the constant bombardment of international snaps and stories can trip you in to some wishful thinking.

With daily Grabaseat deals, artfully filtered Instagram shots and personal travel videos, it’s hard not to pull the pin and purge responsibly.

I’m sick of pining for planes and transnational travels. It’s not realistic for where I’m at right now.

Though I fully intend on doing some long term international adventuring in the future, I’m just trying to make the most of traveling my own back yard for the next wee while.

See, every time I have travelled overseas, it has made me exponentially more grateful for having such a picturesque place to call home.

Thanks to sport I’ve been fortunate enough to have experienced a number of international trips, every one distinct and unique. The one constant result from every experience has been this feeling of appreciation and pride swell for our little country perched at the bottom of the world.

And here’s what I’ve found…

Travel needn’t be defined by a plane and foreign tongues.

The rush of travel comes from the sparkling novelty of something new.

Travel is about shedding assumption and releasing expectation.

Even wandering the same spot with different people can shift your perspective.

Something as simple as taking a short drive to another area in your own city can be an electrifying experience when expectation is left at home.

To help alleviate travel FOMO and prove that epic trips don’t require a booking reference, I’ve complied a short list of my favourite spots in my current home, Auckland..

Top Places: Auckland


This place tugs my emotional strings every time I visit. The moment Piha winds in to view is like nothing else.

It’s raw, breath-taking and alluring. It’s the first place I take any visitor to Auckland.

Not only is the beach itself truly epic, but it is speckled with secret spots that wind round it’s coastline and up in to the ranges.

It’s a place where at any moment you can be surrounded by tourists and completely alone.

Walking to Kite Kite Falls, for example, is normally a game of human dodgems for 20 minutes, but the moment you take the less travelled paths, you are engulfed by bush and natural serenity. It’s so hard to believe that the city is only 30 minutes away when all you can hear is the distant crash of a waterfall and your own heartbeat.

Whangaparaoa, Shakespeare Park 

An adventure around Shakespear Park is similar to Piha.

Walk far enough and you’re plunged in to a secluded wander across rocks cocooned between crystal water and sheer cliff faces.

The intermitant array of climbing rocks means you’ll never get bored, just be wary of the incoming tide. It’ll push you up on to the hillside and which means a considerably longer trek than the coastline stunner.

Mount Victoria

Yea, ok anti-soch’s, it’s almost always full of people and 99.9% of them ARE trying to get a selfie, snap of the sunset, skyline or lover, BUT, it’s still stunning.

I love it’s randomly terrifying tunnels that turn pitch black in one turn.

I love that I’ve been up so many times but always feel like there’s a spot I haven’t seen.

I love being basic and partaking in a picnic.

Playing frizz on the toadstools.

Sliding on card…

Mount Victoria is kind of like traveling through time as well. With its war-time influence and info boards it’s hard not to appreciate the stunning views that spill from the summit.

The green grass, the blue water, the 360 view of Auckland, just focus on that and not the constant shuttering of others camera snapping…
So where’s your favourite domestic spot? Leave a comment or share on social!

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