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Mental Housekeeping: The Significance Of Caring For The Mind

When it comes to cleanliness, most people are pretty capable of keeping physical spaces tidy.
As children, a messy room would almost always incite a few sharp words from a parent and we’d be instructed to pack away our floordrobe and clean up toys. I know I couldn’t have friends over or start weekend activities before my room passed a quick squizz from mum.
Our minds are the same.
When they start to get messy and full of junk, it takes a little effort to take out the trash.
It’s just as important to keep the invisible spaces clean.
People are exactly like houses.

And just like any house, some are big, some small, some are fancy, some dank.

But that’s just the house.

See there’s a difference between a house and a home.

A house is what anyone can see. It’s physical, there for the visual taking. Passers-by can comment on how the house makes them feel or whether they think it’s beautiful, but all their opinions grow from the soil of physicality.

Passers-by can’t see inside the house.

They can’t see the home.

Every person on this planet has a house, a physical body. It’s what is presented to the passers-by, what is objectified, studied, commented on and judged.

But every person on this planet also has a home, a mind. The home is a private place. A space explored only by the occupants, or those invited inside.

Houses and homes are distinct.

A house which is rotting, falling apart or damaged may be filled with colour on the inside. Despite its outward appearance, the house never dictates what the home will feel like.

Some of the most exquisite houses are empty inside.

And some of the most broken, dilapidated houses are bursting with love behind the creaking front door.

A home is a unique space. It’s shielded from the world, while windows may offer glimpses inside, it is the occupant alone who experiences each room and selects its décor.

And just like every home, some are happier than others…

Some homes are dark, decorated in deep blacks and washed with grey. The inside is neglected, the occupant acts as a ghost, moving from room to room in silence.

Some homes are vibrant, the walls a spectacular assortment of colour and art. The occupant in this home dances to music, cleaning and caring for the space.

Some homes are empty. It is neither dark nor light, there is no feeling of security. The home is devoid of feeling, the furniture exists merely to facilitate guests, rather than offering a place to lounge and relax.

With the rush and pace of modern living, people sometimes neglect their homes. They rush out like a gust of strong wind, scarcely noticing the dusty frame with a faded family photo inside.

A loving home requires investment and attention.

How often do you take the time to care for your home?


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