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The 2017 FISU Young Reporter Programme

Don’t expect a break. This is a marathon, not a sprint.

The 2017 FISU Young Reporter Programme sends a clear message to this year’s participants- you are here to learn, to grow and to refine your skills. An exciting prospect for youth on the verge of entering the professional world.

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All 25 FISU Young Reporters, both Domestic and International

In addition to assignments, real reporting experiences and an education in local Taiwanese culture, the 25 Young Reporters will have the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the business. For 12 days, the reporters will have seminars with Keynote speakers, each bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge about FISU, sports media and communications.

The first to speak with the reporters was Dr Verena Burk, 1st Assessor at Federation Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU). Her dedication to the association is clear, with over 20 years of experience, which included time as a member of the International Control Committee and FISU Executive Committee, Dr. Burk was officially elected as the First Assessor in 2015. In addition to this role, she was also successfully elected as Chair for FISU Education Committee.

Dr. Burk’s passion for education and her belief in FISU’s events and actions was inspiring. Her presentation lead the reporters through the history of FISU, a non-profit association that combines education with physical prowess. Guided by the mission ‘Excellence in Body and Mind’, the association has a dualistic approach that focuses on cultivating physical excellence alongside education.

While the medals and records remain a priority, it is FISU’s devotion to education that makes it a truly unique association. The Summer Universiade is laced with opportunity for everyone involved, and as Dr. Burk explained, there are opportunities for a range of different people to expand their knowledge.

One initiative in particular stood out in Burk’s presentation.

The leadership courses.

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Dr Verena Burk presents to the Young Reporters at the Main Press Centre in Taipei

There are three types of Leadership Courses, Youth Leadership for the athletes, leadership seminars for officials and for the media. Held in the International Zone at the Athletes Village, the leadership courses cover a range of themes dedicated to upskilling and inspiring athletes, FISU family, officials, media and even the medical community. Topics such as traditional Chinese medicine, anti-doping, utilising social media and transferring skills to the professional world will all be covered at the 2017 Summer Universiade.

FISU’s commitment to excellence in mind and body is brought to life through such events. Dr. Burk briefly mentioned the work of the Adecco Group, who will present at one of the Leadership Courses. The group specialise in recognising the transferable talents of athletes and work alongside organisations to help transitioning athletes forge a new path in the professional word.

Dr. Burk ended her presentation by recognising the array of educational arms that FISU has, including the International Day of University Sport, Youth Leadership Seminars, FISU-WADA Anti-Doping Programme for Universities, Scholarship Programmes and Partnerships.

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