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RUSH Report: Competition for Connection in Taipei Universiade Athlete Village

*As a former user of Tinder inside an Athlete Village when I was a swimmer, I think the app provides a great opportunity to connect, on a social level, with athletes from around the globe. Today, I am still friends with people I met on the platform and this article aims to highlight how Tinder can be used to help facilitate international friendship. 

Swiping for a chance at international friendship.

24/08/2017, Taipei City – What do you get when you bring over 7,000 student-athletes from 144 Nations together to compete in a major multi-sport event?

An exhibition of athletic excellence, passion and showmanship.

But these are not the only things on exhibition at this year’s FISU Summer Universiade. Some of the athletes at this year’s event are competing for both a place on the podium and a swipe to the right.

Tinder, the location-based social search mobile app was born on September 12th, 2012 in Los Angeles. With over 1.6 Billion swipes and 26 Million matches per day, it’s no surprise that the app is a favourite amongst many athletes competing at the 12 day Taipei Universiade. The Instagram page, @Taipeitinder, started on Sunday the 20th of August already features 91 athletes competing in the Universiade in Taipei City.

Corneille Coetzee, who competes in swimming, is featured on the page. When asked why he uses the social matching app, he replied,

“I hope to use Tinder to make new friends from other countries”.

Photo 23-08-17, 10 29 34 PM.jpg
Corneille’s feature on the TaipeiTinder Instagram page

@Taipeitinder’s parent site, @Sportswipe, has a following of 7,933 people and features world-class athletes, including British Olympic diving medallist, Daniel Goodfellow.

Competition is the top priority for Corneille, and as such, is yet to meet another athlete in reality.

“I haven’t met anyone yet because competition comes first, socialising comes second”

When asked what how he felt about being featured on the page, he replied,

“In terms of being featured on the page, I think it’s good because it’s more publicity but it’s neither negative nor positive”

The @Sportsswipe Instagram was inspired by the SochionTinder Tumblr page. This is the first time @Sportsswipe is covering a World University Games and is using a new approach for the event by diversifying the gender of its profiles. When asked through direct message, the page owner of @taipei2017 said that,

“I’m altering the look to more girl, boy, girl boy. There’s perhaps 3x more men so most aren’t even making the cut”

@Sportswipe’s bio also recognises that the “photo’s do not belong to me” and that the “images are found on Tinder”.

Photo 23-08-17, 10 30 00 PM.jpg
The parent Instagram page for Taipei2017

5 Fast tinder Stats:

The Tinder app generates;

  1. 6 Billion swipers per day
  2. 26 Million matches per day
  3. Has over 20 Billion total matches
  4. Is active in over 190 countries
  5. Around 1.5 Million dates per week eventuate from successful swiping

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