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The Reporter Diaries #6: (Organisational Team) Meeting an Unsung Hero

Mei-Hui is a champion, but you won’t find her wearing a medal or standing on top of the podium

22/08/2017, Sherwood Hotel, Taipei – It’s not just the athletes at this year’s 29th Summer Universiade that have worked tirelessly in pursuit of excellence.

Working till 2am and rising at 8am for close to six months, Mei-Hui, from the Athletes Village Division in Taipei City, is one of hundreds of unsung heroes that have helped bring the successful multi-sport event to life. And while Mei-Hue will not stand on the podium during the Universiade, her passion and commitment to these Games makes her an irrefutable champion.

Photo 22-08-17, 8 17 16 PM.jpg
Mei-Hui, from the Athletes Village Division in Taipei City and Franc Han, International Relations Division and Embassy Liason officer

This year’s Summer Universiade is the product of six years of preparation and is the largest sporting event Taipei City has ever hosted. The vibrant city successfully won the rights to host the 2017 addition of the Games back in 2011. Former Taipei City Mayor, Dr. Lung-Bin Hau, said of the success, “this is Taiwan’s fifth bidding. The result shows where there is a will there is a way. Taipei will host one of the best Universiade’s that the world has ever seen”.

Six years later, Mei-Hui finally has a chance to experience what that declaration looks like. Tasked with allocating the delegations inside the Athlete Village, the passionate Taiwanese local has worked relentlessly to help bring a socially successful Games to this year’s athletes. Mei-Hui envisioned a place that would blend different countries together and help foster interactions between diverse nations. Her passion, perseverance and awareness of politics and international relations successfully organised 144 delegations in to the 34 buildings that stand in this year’s 20-acre Athlete Village.

Photo 20-08-17, 12 03 42 PM.jpg
Inside the Athlete Village, that covers around 20 acres

Mei-Hui, like so many Taiwanese locals, was visibly humble when discussing her role in the preparations. When asked what her favourite part has been since the Games started on the 19th of August, she replied,

“I think the best thing is seeing everyone gathered together in the village. Seeing all the different people from the countries, that is very special”

Sometimes, a champion isn’t defined by a medal.

Photo 20-08-17, 12 42 18 PM.jpg
Inside the Athlete Village, home to 7,639 athletes competing at the 29th Summer Universiade

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