Fusing Sport and Education.

What’s the key to fusing sport and education? “You can’t burn the candle at both ends”. That’s the message from New Zealand middle distance runner, Simon Rogers. An undergraduate in the United States of America, a Masters student in New Zealand and now pursuing a PhD in Australia, the 1500m track runner understands what it … Continue reading Fusing Sport and Education.

Melding mind with body: Table Tennis & Fencing

Athletes from Table Tennis and Fencing explain what drew them to their sports. Sport often conjures ideas of brawn, muscle or innate talent. But not all sports are won and lost with physicality. Some sports, such as table tennis, require athletes to think rapidly, react and strategize during competition. At 28 year’s old, this will … Continue reading Melding mind with body: Table Tennis & Fencing

Life Inside the World University Games Athlete Village

What is it like to visit a village brimming with athletes from around the globe? It’s a wave of colour, energy and enthusiasm. National flags hang from 34 tall buildings in this years Athlete Village, located in in Linkou District, New Taipei City. This home-away-from-home for over 7,000 athletes, coaches and support staff features a … Continue reading Life Inside the World University Games Athlete Village

Chasing World Records.

Representing New Zealand abroad is easily my favourite part about being an athlete. On the 12th of November 2015 I boarded a plane bound for the Netherlands. Our team of eight were to compete in two lifesaving competitions in Europe. The events offered invaluable experience, as the Europeans are renowned for exceptional skills. The first competition, The … Continue reading Chasing World Records.